Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. I've paid, but couldn't get my kick-scooter — perhaps you've chosen the wrong station
When you push the button "Get a kick-scooter" you should hear a beep signal following which you can get the kick-scooter chosen and start your trip.

If you can't take a kick-scooter out:

● Perhaps you chose a wrong station, make sure that you stand in front of the right station from which you want to take the kick-scooter through the app, then try again

● If you still cannot take kick-scooter out, don't worry, the money will be returned to your card within a few minutes

If you haven't received your money back, please inform us calling the support service phone number provided in your application, and your money will be returned to the card by our operator.

2. I've returned the kick-scooter and the trip is showed as uncompleted — don't worry, you will pay only for the actual rental period
Please be sure that the kick-scooter is securely locked up. If everything is OK, you can go away, your trip will be completed automatically.

Sometimes rental station for kick-scooters or your phone lose the connection with the Internet, in this case, when the connection is restored, the station will send to the server the correct rental period and the rental period will be ceased. Finally you will be charged only for the actual rental period.

If the time is too long or you would be charged the wrong amount of money, please let us know. We are here to help you as soon as possible.

3. In case if all racks are occupied — use the mini parking lot
Certain stations are equipped with extra parking lots — please look to the left or right from the main station.
If there is such parking lot, you need to do the following:
1) Fold the kick-scooter and put it to the mini parking lot
2) Fasten the kick-scooter to the parking lot using a rope with special locks installed
3) Take a picture of the kick-scooter and send it to us in the chat, telling us about the place and time of parking.
We will complete your trip as soon as our technician check your kick-scooter during the day.
Don't worry, you will be charged only for the actual rental period. The rental period completion is considered to be the time of your conversion with support chat with a photo of the returned kick-scooter attachment.

4. If the kick-scooter is broken — please report about this problem to the support service, the trip will be free of charge special for you
The User can get more information and help in using the Service on the Service website or from Samocat Sharing Oy customer service, whose contact details are available on the Service website and at the kick-scooter stations.
5. How to ride a kick-scooter?
Please, watch this video. With little experience you can ride for miles and miles on the kick-scooter without turning a hair!

6. I want such machine near my home/work/subway
Contact us We invite partners for cooperation!